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Real Estate Loan Defaults – Sonar Pings Have Found The Bottom

May 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Yes it is true.  The bottom of the sea of real estate’s loan defaults may have found the elusive bottom.  The proof is in that we may know the true extent of the wreckage that is the real estate melt down.

Paul Horvitz, President of DOMINION MORTGAGE CORPORATION, a national real estate lender said, “I have been through many bust cycles in my over 35 years in mortgage lending, both residential and commercial.  The true bottom has always been located when all the loan defaults, real and anticipated, have been accounted for.  This I believe signals that we know the extent of the crisis.  Private and public capital can now work to complete the salvage of the toxic assets and begin to blow good air into the tanks of recovery.”

If Mr. Horvitz is correct, we may all find relief soon.

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