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Tenant Improvement Loans – 07-30-2013

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Yes, you probably have not heard of very many lenders offering tenant improvement loans that are secured by a trust deed or UCC filing on the real estate equity.  These “T.I.” loans are made to allow a project owner the opportunity to finance the expenses needed to build out a retail, industrial, or office space for a prospective tenant.

These can be very specialized as in medical facilities and the need for elaborate MRI, CT, and nuclear applications.

It can be a simple but sometimes a very expensive cost to re-fit an office building for a new tenant.  This can be characterized as a “clean up remodel or massive rebuild.”

Dominion Mortgage understands the need to make money available to landlords for tenant improvements and build outs to be competitive in new leasing” says Paul S. Horvitz, Dominion’s CEO.

Dominion has carved out a nice niche in a market that has embraced this need.  Once again, this T.I. product is an ongoing partnership between Dominion’s borrower’s needs and Dominion’s penchant for positive results.

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Dominion – The Mortgage Lender

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When does a full service mortgage company offer too many loan products?  Is it better to specialize on one aspect of lending?

Let’s take Dominion as a case study.

Dominion offers healthcare real estate loans and we call ourselves “your prescription to healthcare real estate financing”.

Dominion offers commercial real estate loans, mezzanine and equity.  Dominion offers bridge and other short term real  estate loans.

How can Dominion be successful in offering all these loan products?

Paul S. Horvitz, Dominion’s CEO, says “Our loan process is a partnership between the borrower’s needs and Dominion’s penchant for positive results.  Dominion’s concise loan delivery is often imitated by never duplicated”.

Paul S. Horvitz also says, “With every loan application there is a person who needs to be considered”.

Dominion has navigated the seas of change in the mortgage industry since 1976.  We do it because we can make a difference.


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