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Healthcare Real Estate Loans for Entrepreneurs

April 19, 2018 Leave a comment

Healthcare . . . everyone needs it sooner or later. However, not every healthcare provider can get a real estate loan.

Banks like big balance sheets and net leases to national tenants. So if you are looking for a loan on a hospital, assisted living or skilled nursing facility . . . you’ve got problems doctor.

There is always HUD. Get a loan from them and you are now in the accounting business. So how does a start-up or entrepreneur fair in this closed society of healthcare lending? Usually not well.

So how do I get a loan?

  • First you write a business plan that explains your business.
  • Then make proforma income and expense models.
  • Get an operating lease on your property, even if your other entity is the owner.
  • Raise money for equity, because loan-to-values tend to be lower on entrepreneur lending.
  • Then get into your market segment and area penetration and explain it. Support the property value with comparable values, location advantages and lots of pictures of your property.
  • Most importantly believe what you are saying, as most lenders will not. Become an expert and an advocate of your lending opportunity.
  • Find a lender who will listen and talk to them.

If you cannot find such a lender, then call me.

Paul Horvitz

Dominion Healthcare Financial

1990 South Bundy Drive

Suite 640

Los Angeles, CA  90025

Phone:  (310) 477-3041, ext. 134



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Bridge Lending – The Golden Gate or The Road Nowhere

August 30, 2017 Leave a comment

You can call short term real estate lending bridge loans, hard money, or interim lending.  The business model is the same.

What Bridge Lenders Want:

Lenders in the interim real estate loan area all want basically the same criteria when considering your real estate for an interim loan.

  • The lender’s value not to exceed 65-70% of present value.
  • A location where comparable properties can be viewed.
  • Existing income to serve the bridge debt or future proforma income.
  • Short term real estate loan funds that can be used to enhance value and proforma income.


Equity lending, another name for bridge lending, requires that the borrower or sponsor has money at risk from his equity in the property.

Experience in what the borrower is planning to do with the interim mortgage money.


Some lenders want personal guarantees, mostly for difficult or risky debt.  Other lenders do not require a personal guarantee if the project is well conceived.

Bridge Lenders

There are an increasing amount of us in the marketplace.  Most business school hatched graduates who set up real estate funds for this project, have raised money from investors, and now want to get that money out.


Better projects can be as low as 6% per year.  Less loved projects can ask 12% per year.


Know your exit plan.  How will you pay off this short term real estate loan?  Lenders want to know how they get paid back and you need to know as a borrower that you can pay them back on or before the loan maturity date.

Bridge lending has hit the main channel in the lending arena.  Do not be afraid to take that bridge.  Preparation can avoid the heavy toll.

Paul S. Horvitz

Senior Partner

Dominion Mortgage Corporation

Los Angeles, CA


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Dominion Multi-family Portfolio Lending Program

August 28, 2014 2 comments

Dominion Mortgage Corporation has been offering multi-family programs for almost 40 years.  What’s different about this program, Paul Horvitz ( , President of Dominion Mortgage says, “this multi-family loan program with loans to $30 million targets the unloved borrower, those who, for some reason don’t qualify for Freddie Mac or FNMA lending guidelines.”

These flexible programs at conventional rates offer cash out, loans to foreign nationals, corporations, partnerships and trusts.  Dominion’s program is offered throughout the United States for acquisition or refinance.

Dominion also offers bridge loans on apartments nationwide.  This program is made to go along with Dominion’s nationwide commercial lending, nationwide healthcare real estate lending, and jumbo residential loan programs to $10 million.

Information regarding this new multi-family lending program from Dominion was featured in two national publications.  The links to the articles are below.


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Press Release – June 4, 2014

June 5, 2014 Leave a comment


Dominion Mortgage Corporation, the residential and multifamily lending division of Los Angeles based Dominion Corporation, has announced the introduction of their multifamily portfolio lending program designed to fund in major markets across the United States.  This program will make loans up to $30 million.  Dominion has been considered as an innovative direct lending source for many years with a healthcare lending division, a commercial lending division, a residential platform, and multifamily lending division, all of which are actively seeking new lending opportunities.

“This national multifamily lending program is an excellent alternative to the popular governmental sponsored programs available in the marketplace,” says Paul Horvitz, President of Dominion.  “We make this fixed rate product available to borrowers who are frustrated by the red tape that often is accompanied by government and government sponsored multifamily lending alternatives.”  “We also have bridge products available to multifamily borrowers for renovation, bridge-to-sale, and other borrowers’ needs previously not covered by most apartment lenders.”

Keith Olson, Dominion’s Executive Vice President in charge of origination, said “I’m happy to have a solution for borrowers, brokers, and portfolio apartment owners that makes qualifying standards easy and accessible.”  “We hope that the borrowing public will be as excited by Dominion’s new multifamily lending programs as we are to offer them.”

Loren Thall, Dominion’s Vice President of Underwriting, points out “I’m happy that these program guidelines can finally be offered to the consumer.  It makes my job a lot easier when the underwriting is simple and easy to follow for the borrower.”  “We are also seeing many referrals from bankers who don’t offer multifamily loans to their clients.  “Since Dominion does not require a banking relationship, the referring bank does not lose the borrower when the borrower takes an apartment loan from Dominion.”


Dominion Corporation was established in 1977 by commercial real estate financing veteran Paul Horvitz and is a “nationwide” provider of real estate loans starting at $1,000,000 and ranging up to over $30,000,000.  In addition to offering financing for high-end residential, single tenant, owner-occupied and most other property types, Dominion has established a reputation for being able to finance properties that other lenders shy away from, such as healthcare facilities and other unique transactions.  The company offers competitive rates on most commercial real estate types, including office, industrial, hospitality, multifamily and special-purpose properties.  This includes healthcare real estate loans on medical office, clinics, hospitals and most long-term care facilities, such as independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities.

For more information, go to  If you have additional questions or would like to schedule an interview, please contact:

Paul Horvitz

Dominion Corporation

11355 West Olympic Blvd., Suite 210

Los Angeles, CA  90064

Phone:  (310) 477-3041, ext. 134



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California Jumbo Residential Loans to $10,000,000

Press Release- Los Angeles, CA

May 7th, 2014

Dominion Mortgage Corporation, the residential lending division of Dominion Corporation, significantly ramps up their residential portfolio lending in the Golden State by announcing today that they are now offering jumbo residential loans up to $10,000,000.  Dominion has long been considered one of the pioneers of “estate property” financing in California, lending to movie stars, doctors, recording artists, athletes, and other high net worth homeowners since 1976.

What’s new about this program, says Paul Horvitz the President of Dominion, is that we have relaxed the guidelines to serve the public at large”.  Mr. Horvitz further states, “You don’t have to be famous to be treated like a celebrity!”

Valerie Pang, Vice President in charge of Underwriting, says “we are now able to creatively structure loans for those high net worth individuals who have been unable to qualify for conventional jumbo loans because of their complex financial situations.  For example, we can limit a borrower’s capital gain exposure by having them pledge their investment accounts as a down payment rather than liquidating them.  Also, we have common sense underwriting and we would consider a borrower who has had a one time credit blip if there is a reasonable explanation.  Most conventional jumbo lenders do not allow title to be taken in a corporation, partnership, or LLC, we do.”

Dominion is also well known for their nationwide programs for financing commercial and healthcare real estate properties starting at $1,000,000 and up.  They are headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

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October 15, 2013 1 comment

Short term bond rates and long term mortgage rates are heading up.  “While the Democrats and Republicans are locked in a fool’s embrace, those who would benefit from interest rate hikes lick their fingers in anticipation,” so says Paul S. Horvitz, the President of Dominion Mortgage Corporation.

The U.S.’s largest bond holders would like nothing more than a big bump in Treasuries.  If you think the debt ceiling is a problem now, just wait till the Chinese are getting 5% on our bonds.

Yes, we need to solve our long term fiscal problem and we need a budget.  What we need the most is for our elected officials to get their heads out of the sewer of ideology and govern.  Mortgage rates will follow the increase in bond rates.  The consumer, the homeowner, and the economy at large will suffer, and, yes, Mr. President, the rich, those with cash, will be the biggest beneficiary of the “fool’s embrace.”

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Tenant Improvement Loans – 07-30-2013

July 30, 2013 Leave a comment


Yes, you probably have not heard of very many lenders offering tenant improvement loans that are secured by a trust deed or UCC filing on the real estate equity.  These “T.I.” loans are made to allow a project owner the opportunity to finance the expenses needed to build out a retail, industrial, or office space for a prospective tenant.

These can be very specialized as in medical facilities and the need for elaborate MRI, CT, and nuclear applications.

It can be a simple but sometimes a very expensive cost to re-fit an office building for a new tenant.  This can be characterized as a “clean up remodel or massive rebuild.”

Dominion Mortgage understands the need to make money available to landlords for tenant improvements and build outs to be competitive in new leasing” says Paul S. Horvitz, Dominion’s CEO.

Dominion has carved out a nice niche in a market that has embraced this need.  Once again, this T.I. product is an ongoing partnership between Dominion’s borrower’s needs and Dominion’s penchant for positive results.

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